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MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS - Please note that you must only have one account with Amber Arch, in your own name, using an accurate profile. Duplicate accounts will be deactivated, any work currently assigned will be removed and you will no longer be eligible to undertake work for us. If you think you may have signed up more than once by accident, please let us know which account you would like to keep and we will deactivate the other for you.

SHOPPER PROFILE - There are extended shopper questions on your profile, these must be filled out before you can assign any work to yourself. One asks if you have covert equipment (this is not a camera phone) and the other requires you to upload a photo of yourself.

GEO-VERIFY - We have a new app for your Android/Smart/IOS phone which enables you to verify your location when mystery shopping, to prove you were at the correct location. This is a great way of mystery shopping, and will help increase your shopper grade.

If you require further information regarding our payments and procedures, please click here.

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