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ICCDS, Inc., a North Fork Research Company, has updated their independent Contractor Agreement. You must review this form located on your shopper profile page. By accepting additional opportunities, you are agreeing to the new terms and conditions of the updated Independent Contractor Agreement.

As part of the Independent Contractor agreement, ICCDS is also requiring that on each survey submission form you check off the following question at the end. Note: this question will appear in a few days.

"I hereby acknowledge that all services pertaining to this project have been completed, that the foregoing represents the completed client deliverable for this project, and that this document should be treated as my invoice for services rendered in completing this project."

You are not able to self assign shops or receive payments for shops without a valid Social Security Number (or Employee Identification Number) entered into your profile.

The Federal Government requires us to collect certain tax-related information from all individuals that we conduct business with during each calendar year. We must also issue a 1099 Form to each individual to whom we pay more than $600 during that year. Your SSN must be entered in your Sassie profile before you are able to accept any future shops.

Please go to your profile on the ICCDS Sassie site to enter your SSN to ensure you do not miss out on any shopping opportunities. If your number is not entered you can no longer shop for us or receive any payments.

Please also update your shopper profile to ensure you have a valid phone number listed. We must be able to contact you by phone in order for you to conduct mystery shops with ICCDS. Shoppers without a valid phone number will be removed from the system.

We at ICCDS welcome new shoppers and appreciate referrals! If you know of someone who may be interested in becoming a mystery shopper with our company, please direct them to our website. Next to our "Log In" tab is our "Become a Shopper" tab where referrals can sign up and get started with ICCDS!