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Do you know anyone in Alaska?
We are currently looking for shoppers in Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks, and other areas. You may be eligible for a $10 referral fee if we utilize your referral! Check with our scheduler for details.

Do you, or someone you know, speak Chinese as a first language?
Our retail clients sometimes request foreign language shops. Make sure you update any language skills you may have in your Extended Shopper Profile.

Payment Process

Shopper payments are distributed 30-60 days after you perform your shop. We pay via Pay Pal, or by check depending on the preference selected in your Profile. Pay Pal is usually a much quicker and efficient way to receive payments.

New IPhone App for Mystery Shopping!

Its Free! Search for "Job Slinger Mystery Shop" in the ITunes App store on your IPhone. It's a very useful tool to take notes, pictures, and keep your mystery shops organized while on the go.


Scammers are impersonating mystery shopping companies! If you receive an email from an unknown source asking you to reply with personal information, ITS A SCAM. If you receive a package or envelope containing money orders or checks with a request to cash, this is a scam. Scammers have been utilizing Craig's List & mailings in this way to scam unsuspecting shoppers into cashing bad checks, then depositing the money into another account. If you receive anything like this, even if it has the name of a valid mystery shopping company on it, notify the company and your local authorities.

Mystery Shopper Certification

MSPA has launched the Gold Certification DVD, allowing you to become Gold certified from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world.
Give yourself a competitive advantage when competing for mystery shopping assignments.
Take your skills to the next level and increase your marketability among mystery shopping providers. Itís widely known and accepted among MSPs that MSPA-certified shoppers are more reliable and produce better reports, so take the next step and achieve your MSPA Silver and Gold Certification.
For more information, go to: MSPA Shopper Certification



Question: How long does it take after I apply to get shops assigned?

It depends on the area of the country you live in, how many other shoppers are applying for shops, and your experience. Getting MSPA certified will also help in getting assignments.