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Welcome Back, Service Check Mystery Shopper!

On the 2nd and 3rd Saturdays of each month, at 9 PM EST, SASSIE systems will be taken offline for maintenance, performance enhancements and security measures for UP TO 90 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE! If you are assigned a shop that requires a purchase, using EBT (foodstamps) as payment is not acceptable. Your shop will be rejected. This is also noted in the Shopper FAQ's.

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Please review the above FAQ's about payment processing, and ONLY contact us if you haven't received payment after the second week of the month.

Service Check Office hours are 8am- 5pm Pacific time, Monday- Friday. We don't check e-mails over the weekend, all replies process on Monday morning at 8am. You can reach our office at 877-388-0216, by contacting us through the website, or in email.

***SCAM ALERT!!!***Service Check never conducts mystery shops that involve sending you a check to be cashed or money that must be transferred or wired. We NEVER ask shoppers to send us, or anyone else, money for any reason. If someone posing as a representative of Service Check ever contacts you with a cashier's check they would like to send you to have cashed or mails one to you, destroy all is a SCAM!!!!***

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