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HS Brands supports the MSPA and Shopper Members of the MSPA receive priority when assigning projects.

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Shops completed in March 2015 will be paid by June 6th or sooner.

*If you do not receive payment for your shops, please email: lisa.malkowski@hsbrands.com

Please do not email your scheduler about payment questions or concerns.

Please make sure your PayPal email address matches the email address you use to login.

You may notice that the new "Map" version of our Job Board has been reverted to the look of the original Job Board. This has been done for maintenance reasons - at this time we estimate that the Map version will return. Until then, the fully functional original Job Board is available for your use. Please take the casino shopper test after you login if you are interested in becoming a casino shopper.

Service Sleuth has changed their policy from a 24 hour submit time to a 12 hour submit time. If you do not submit your shop within that time frame, it will not be accepted and you will not be compensated. This is on a shop by shop basis, but the change was made for most shops.

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