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Service Excellence Group, Inc. Alerts of a New E-Mail Scam

April 28, 2014

Service Excellence Group, Inc. has been alerted of a new scam targeting unsuspecting consumers for mystery shopping projects. The scam artists have used Service Excellence Group, Inc.’s reputable name in an attempt to trick consumers into disclosing their personal information in exchange for high paying “mystery shops.” This is a scam.

These scammers do a very good job of making these advertisements seem real. They are currently advertising for: Research Analyst Training positions. They have used the identity of Service Excellence Group, Inc.’s CEO, Marci Bikshorn as well as their company web site address.

The scammers are currently using the following names and email addresses:

• Vincent Whitehead and he is using the email address of:

Please take a few minutes to read over this scam email so you will be aware if you receive one of these emails or if you view one of these classified postings on the web. Also, visit our Shopper News section for more information on these types of scams that often target the mystery shopping industry.

There are reputable mystery shopping companies with legitimate mystery shopping opportunities for consumers interested in becoming a mystery shopper. For information on how to get started as a mystery shopper or to find legitimate mystery shopping opportunities, visit MSPA website at or the Shopper Headquarters page on our web site at