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AVOID PAYMENT PROBLEMS: Please UPDATE the PayPal option on your shopper profile.

  • To update your profile; login in and click MY PROFILE at the top.
  • Mark the PayPal option, "I accept payments through PayPal".
  • Click the Edit Shopper Profile button.

  • If you do not have an account with PayPal and would like to apply for a shop, please register for your free PayPal account at

    EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: We will charge for 2nd attempts at PayPal payments. If we send you a payment and it is returned to us for any reason, we are charged a fee per transaction. If we have to make a second attempt to send you a PayPal payment, we will deduct the associated fees charged by PayPal from your shopper payment. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT INFORMATION IS CORRECT BEFORE COMPLETING A SHOP.

    Thank you and HAPPY SHOPPING!