Statement on MSPA Certifications from 2014 or later:

Our system directly accepts certification codes for the original MSPA Gold and Silver certifications dating up to 2014.

We currently do not directly accept certification codes for the newer MSPA certifications (2014 and later) but may accept them in the future depending on the volume of shoppers with these newer certifications and the number of companies that are actively using them.

If you have a newer certification, some companies may be manually accepting these codes using our TestCaster "Qualifications" system.

1) How do I become an MSPA Certified Shopper ?

Please visit for details on the certification process.


2) Is certification required ?

No. The MSPA represents 150 mystery shopping companies worldwide. We do not know of any MSPA company who will not hire you (assuming you are qualified) if you are not certified. However, each company has the right to do as they see fit. If you are a good shopper for a good company, it is unlikely that you will lose shops because you are not certified. However, it may help you get your foot in the door with other companies and expand your business.


3) How does my scheduler know that I am a certified shopper ?

You must go to your Shopper Profile Page and enter in a certification code. This is the code you were given when you passed the MSPA certification procedure.


4) How does the system know if I am entering a Silver or a Gold certification code ?

The system checks your account for both certification levels and assigns you the correct status automatically.


5) Can I do this for just one of my shopper accounts and have it show on ALL the other accounts I have with other mystery shopping companies?

No, due to licensing restrictions, you'll have to enter a code on your Shopper profile page on every account individually (sorry !).


6) I entered in my code and it didn't work - what do I do now ?

Verify that the email address on your account is the same one you used during the certification procedure. Each code is directly tied into the email address you entered in at the time of the certification (once you've registered your certification, you can go ahead and change your email address, if necessary).

Also, verify that you have no spaces before or after the code or before or after your email address.

If you continue to have difficulty getting the web site to recognize your certification code, please email the following to "" :


7) How is this information used ?

The system displays your certification status on the pages where schedulers make decisions on which shoppers get which assignments.


8) I still have questions !

Please contact for more information.