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Note: Our company does not actually perform shops or hire shoppers, we simply develop the software.

Current Shoppers : If you are a current shopper for a mystery shop provider who uses SASSIE, please contact your scheduler or administrator at that mystery shop provider. We are unable to provide direct support to the hundreds of thousands of shoppers using our system

New Shoppers : If you would like to become a shopper for mystery shop providers who use SASSIE, you must register on those provider's online registration pages (we do not register or hire shoppers ourselves).

Our confidentiality agreement prevents us from revealing most our clients' identities at this web site, except for the following companies who have agreed to have their SASSIE signup pages listed:

ath Power Consulting Corporation / Courtesy Counts


Franchise Compliance, Inc.

Hilli Dunlap Enterprises


JM Ridgway

Kern Scheduling Services

Mystery Shoppers

Mystique Shopper, LLC

Phantom Shoppers

For a more complete list of the 40+ mystery shopping companies who use SASSIE, search for "SASSIE" on the Mystery Shopping Forum located at

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