Company: Lowe's Mystery Shop
Survey: x-Lowe's Mystery Shop 2020

Mystery Shopping Company: Ipsos Insight LLC

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  • KAHULUI, HI: LOWE'S OF KAHULUI, HI [scheduled]
  • KAILUA KONA, HI: LOWE'S OF KONA, HI [scheduled]
  • WAIPAHU, HI: LOWE'S OF WAIPAHU, HI [scheduled]

Can't find a certain location? Occasionally, shops from the email postings get cancelled and are then removed from this listing.

Shop Information

You must meet the following qualifications to apply for this shop:
* You cannot have shopped the same location within 30 days
* Your age must be 18 years or More

If you meet the following qualifications, you can immediately SELF ASSIGN shops to yourself:
* Your Shopper Rating must be at least 5


Due Date 02-18-20 (m-d-y)
Do NOT shop before 02-01-20
Hours Any-except first or last 60 min of day
Days of week


Shopper's Pay $ 20.00
Bonus Pay $ 25.00
Shop Expense Limit $ 0.00
Special Expense Limit $ 0.00


Shop Comments Your ASSIGNED SCENARIO is STOCK CABINETS and BLINDS ----------------- Ipsos is now offering retail Lowe's visits. Each shop is paying $20 through Paypal. For this shop: There is a purchase (of nearly anything but food) and a return is required. Visit will include an inquiry about STOCK CABINETS and BLINDS. The shop form is mainly multiple choice. Why not pick up an easier shop today? Scheduling now! If you have any questions, let me know: