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Survey: Check Up - In-clinic/Curbside

Mystery Shopping Company: Reality Based Group

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  • Payson, AZ [scheduled]
  • Scottsdale, AZ [scheduled]
  • Frederick, MD [scheduled]
  • Tulsa, OK [scheduled]
  • Tulsa, OK [scheduled]
  • Portland, OR [scheduled]
  • Portland, OR [scheduled]
  • Gettysburg, PA [scheduled]
  • Gettysburg, PA [scheduled]
  • Austin, TX [scheduled]
  • Dallas, TX [scheduled]
  • Garland, TX [scheduled]
  • Houston, TX [scheduled]
  • Houston, TX [scheduled]
  • Houston, TX [scheduled]
  • Hurst, TX [scheduled]
  • Hurst, TX [scheduled]
  • Katy, TX [scheduled]
  • Magnolia, TX [scheduled]
  • Mansfield, TX [scheduled]
  • Spring, TX [scheduled]
  • Spring, TX [scheduled]
  • Manassas, VA [scheduled]
  • Manassas, VA [scheduled]
  • Montclair, VA [scheduled]
  • Normandy Park, WA [scheduled]

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Shop Information

You must meet the following qualifications to apply for this shop:
* You cannot have shopped the same location within 365 days


Due Date 06-30-21 (m-d-y)
Do NOT shop before 06-25-21
Survey due on 06-30-21
Hours Normal Business Hours
Days of week As Appointment can be made


Shopper's Pay $ 20.00
Bonus Pay $ 10.00
Shop Expense Limit $ 55.00
Special Expense Limit $ 0.00


Shop Comments

Reality Based Group is offering veterinary check up shops for Cats or Dogs. (Phone Call & Visit). This is a great shop for anyone with a cat or dog. No matter their age or health.

Note: Please be sure to follow all state/local PPE guidelines/requirements while you are out completing shops. We want all of our shoppers to stay safe! While PPE requirements are in place, if your report asks if the associate smiled, please always answer this question "yes" if the associate is wearing a mask.

Phone Call: During normal business hours- 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday to Friday.

Visit: By Appointment either In-Clinic or Curbside depending on what is offered at the location. This will vary by location and the guidelines of the health officials in that market. Websites vary by location. You may google your assigned location for more information.

In order to qualify for this shop, you cannot have visited the location in the past 12 months. It is preferred that you have been to a vet before, and that you have taken your dog to the vet within the last 12 months or your cat within the last 36 months.

This shop is intended to be for a routine check-up only. In addition to the check up, services that ARE acceptable are a next round of vaccines, vitamins/supplement needs, flea treatments, (Cats- UTI checks), (Dogs-nail clipping/ear cleaning).

Please note that additional services may not be covered by the reimbursement which is intended to cover the cost of one pet check up only. However, if your wellness exam only costs more than $55.00, contact your scheduler for a reimbursement adjustment. Itemised receipt is required for confirmation. DO NOT USE ANY COUPONS such as groupon.

You will be required to make the call to set the appointment within 24 hours of being assigned (unless it is a weekend). If you are asked for your phone number and email address during the call or during the visit, provide your real information. This is because you will be tracking the clinicís follow up for several days after the visit.

Donít forget to bring your family pet! This may seem like common sense, but as this is a veterinary visit, you will need to bring your cat or dog with you during this portion of the shop. If you do not have a cat or dog, you cannot do this shop.

If you are assigned to the Houston Cat Hospital, you must have a cat to conduct this shop.

PAYMENT is $20.00 plus up to $55.00 for the check up. Some locations charge slightly more than $55.00 for the check up. You will be reimbursed for the total cost of the check up service, even if it is more than the $55.00. NO coupons or groupons are allowed.

You should only bring in one pet (dog or cat) per shop.. If you have multiple pets, please contact your scheduler as you may be eligible to do a separate shop with your other pet.

Missed or cancelled shops are noted in your profile and do affect your ability to get future work. Please complete your shop without an extension. We appreciate your professionalism.

Christina Harhalos

Scheduler- Reality Based Group