LCBO I.D. Shopper Application: Shopper Approval Application #We Check-01
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Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey as part of the LCBO ID shopper approval process. Even though you meet the age criteria our client wants to make sure you look "young enough" to be checked for ID.

Your name, birthdate, and email address will remain confidential and not revealed to LCBO. LCBO will be looking at your photos and age only.
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Your two photos must:

• Not show yourself smiling.
• Be taken at the same time.
• Be taken while wearing the same clothes.
• Have the same appearance, ie. You can’t have one photo where you are wearing make-up or glasses and not having those in the other photo. You have to appear consistent in both photos.
• Have good lighting (no back lighting or dark photos). Take photos against a plain background. Avoid taking photos against a window or with the sun against the lens. Pictures must be clear. No shadows.
• Be focused and at a normal, straight on angle (no side profile).
• Be how you look naturally, on an average day that you would go to the store. We don’t want “glamour” type photos.
• Not be a selfie in a mirror – get someone to take your photos for you!
Head and Shoulder shot should be clear and straight on (no side profile). Think of a passport photo pose.
Head and Shoulder Shot:
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Full Body shot should be clear, straight on with arms at sides. Do not use a profile or side shot.
Full body shot:
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Thank you for your application! You will also have to sign up into our mystery shopper database in order for us to submit your application to LCBO. You can do that in less than 5 minutes here:

Thank you for your application and we will inform you on the status of your application within a week.