SASSIE GeoVerify Help Page

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This app enables shoppers to prove their location and time while performing mystery shops on the SASSIE mystery shopping platform. It also works on systems affiliated with SASSIE.

GeoVerify codes are required by some companies when submitting a shop.


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URGENT: ALWAYS get your GeoVerify code when you are at the location for your mystery shop. Codes from other locations or times will NOT be accepted!




The main screen displays a list of previous GeoVerifications.

When you have arrived at the location for your mystery shop, simply click the "GeoVerify This Location" button (item 4).

To delete old GeoVerifications, click the trash can icon (item 1) or simply swipe the GeoVerification you'd like to delete (item 3)

To view the GeoVerification code (which you'll need to enter into your SASSIE mystery shop) and a map of where you recorded the GeoVerification, simply click on the GeoVerification you want to view (item 2)


(optional) For convenience, you can name your GeoVerification (item 7)

When you're finished with your GeoVerification, click on the GeoVerifications button to return to the main screen (item 6)

If you'd like to email yourself (or someone else) a copy of this GeoVerification, click on the "Email a Copy" button.
Note: You will still need to enter this code into your SASSIE survey (if requested). Do not email a copy of this GeoVerify to your scheduler unless specifically requested.

Enter your GeoVerify code if your SASSIE survey requests it:

GV in survey



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If you are having problems using this app, please email us at